Monday, July 30, 2012

New things...

I'm sad today sitting here at the coffee shop, realizing that my time here is coming to an end. In all the time I have been here I have learned so much and met so many new people and friends, it seems hard to believe it has been almost two years! I am so so thankful for this place and the people in it. Life is so sweet when you're living it with comfortable friends, friend who I would never have known if it weren't for this wonderful place.
As sad as I am I still get excited knowing that God has something huge in store for me. He is taking me out of my comfort zone once again, and I know there is plenty of purpose behind it! Being engaged brings a whole new atmosphere to life, it changes my perception of me, who I am, God and who He is. The decisions I make everyday, wondering how married life will be, the things I will change to better our life. Seth and I. I'm so excited an so humbled. Wedding planning is fun, but I'm more excited to be able to sleep next to my bet friend the rest of my life! As long as I am with him i know I'll be alright, he isn't my all in all, but he fulfills a lot of things in my life! So! On to new things to prepare for our life together, like a new job (which I call a "big girl" job). I'm so nervous that I won't accomplish what I need to while I am there, but I know God is putting me there for a reason and I trust Him!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Days like today...

On days like today I can't stop smiling. Looking at the sun, being in the warm air, greeting people at the coffee shop, everyone in an impeccably great mood. It reminds me that I should treasure everyday as a beautiful day, like today.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I found a solution!

Ok, everybody! Thanks to my awesome iPhone I found a Blogger app! I am currently blogging from my phone! This might help with my frequency of blogging!

The "Once a Month Trend"

     Apparently, I tend to blog once a month, lately.  So I decided I better go ahead and blog for February before it is over!  Hehe...
     I always forget that I love blogging.  I think my biggest problem is thinking of things to write about.  And when I do, I'm not near a computer.  Another reason to start religiously making lists and notes!  I'll get the hang of it... someday!
     On that note, I do have something to talk about today, or maybe just ponder.  I was listening to Matt Chandler the other day, and he was talking about different things in his life that tender his affections to the Lord.  His was a cup of good coffee and old books.  This surprised me because I thought he would say something like seeing someone get baptized or his kids telling him about what they learned in Sunday school.  Which are both wonderful things, but they are things that probably tender everyone's affections for our CreaTOR.
   What tenders your affections to your Heavenly Father?
Not to copy, but honestly a good cup of coffee or tea, and long walks are what makes my heart beat faster thinking of Him, and how beautiful He is...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Values

     God is good and He is working... My life has been flipping around these past few months and I praise God for all He has been teaching me and revealing to me! Mmmmm... He is good.
      For many years I have been asking God to send me a mentor, someone who will challenge me to be a set apart woman of God, to live FOR Him and Him alone, and to Biblically rebuke me.  I was always seeking this relationship, trying to find it in anyone who would pay any attention to the Bible and was a woman.  It became more a search for a person to hang out with instead of a divine relationship that would bring my closer to Jesus.  So I stopped praying about it, I stopped asking for it, and I stopped thinking about it all together.  I guess God knew I wasn't ready until now.  I LOVE that He knows my heart, and that He made my story different than anyone else, all the glory to Him for that.  In October God brought a mentor into my life literally out of no where! She has been so good to me and we both praise God for bringing us together as sisters in Christ, we both know it is all His doing and are so so thankful.
     Anyway, last week she had me take an assessment (for lack of a better word) to dig deep and find what my core values are.  She gave me a stack of cards (50) that each had a word or phrase on it.  I had to filter through all of these cards quickly, and a few times, to discover what my core values are.  I wish everyone could take this test, it has sincerely changed the way I live day to day.  I had a hard time only choosing five out of 50 but I did it!
So! Here are the core values of Olivia Jane Hurley, the things that I choose to live by everyday:

1. Relationships
2. Compassion
3. Helping/Serving Others
4. Authenticity
5. Prayer

     All of these things have a different meaning to me than they might to you, which makes it even more interesting.  I always knew I had value in things, especially in Christ, but I never knew the importance of seeking they way I am wired.  And living by the way that God wired me.  When we seek what He has done in our lives, pay attention to who we are in Him, then use His creation (our uniqueness) to do what He has called us to do, what could be more fulfilling and glorifying to Him? Honestly! What could be better?
    So think... what do you find value in? Fun? Innovation? Adventure? Honesty? Purity? Knowledge? Quiet time? What is the thing that drives you to Him? What is the value you find in yourself that makes you who you are? And are you living by these values? Because God instilled them into you for a reason... find out what it is.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh well...

Hi! Ok, for those of you who have been following (which I think it is cool if even just one person reads what I write, it's mostly for myself anyway) I'm sure you have noticed that I did not keep up with my goal of trying a new thing every day AND posting about it everyday.  I guess life happens and procrastination due to life happening... happens! I did try many new things of which at this point cannot account for all of them.  But here are a few:
-Murderer Mystery Dinner... so fun!
-Highlighted my own hair... it always comes from a box at my house but this time I did it all by myself!
-Became a nonstop cleaner, due to my extra job cleaning the church! I'm a full time working girl now by the way... we will talk about that later.
-Saw the Muppet Movie, hilarious I highly recommend it!
-Started three new classes! 
-Learned I am a Peaceful Phlegmatic and Seth is a Popular Sanguine. 
Just a few things, but new! 
I forget how much I love blogging! It's fun, is it not?

Friday, November 11, 2011


     Due to procrastination and faulty time management I have failed to meet my expectations of blogging everyday about my NEWvember! So sorry folks.  Anyway, here is a recap.
Unfortunately I haven't had the time to try something new EVERY day, but I have managed to try many new things! Here we go!
     -My Budget went into works on Tuesday.
     - I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (I'm super sore...)
     - I now wash my face with a cleanser made of........ CARROTS! It is called "YES to Carrots!"
I already see a huge difference in my skin and I LOVE IT!
     -I now take Vitamin D-3, good for the lack of sun in the winter months, also supports breast health!
     -I have begun a project (not telling what it is for) that involves going to Goodwill once a week to buy tea cups... hehe
     -I started a new class for Wedding Planner School! It's fun...
     -I wrote out my own education plan and (ideally) I will have my Bachelor's Degree in General Ministry in a YEAR! The idea of finishing early sounds so good to me. It doesn't have to happen, but it could!
     -I made a venture to Otterbein to visit my lifelong friend at her apartment where I had never been before, God is so good to allow us to stay best friends through all of these years.  We made a commitment to see each other more than once a year... which I think is perfectly achievable!

     These may not be in chronological order, but that isn't what matters I guess!
Happy Veteran's Day!!!! God is so good, thank Him for something today!